About me



At Little Frogs we always work from a children's perspective. We want to meet the children on their terms and speak with them about the world in ways that are easy to grasp and respectful at the same time. The starting point for our productions are always questions, interests and opinions that children have themselves.

Our productions aim at maintaining a high standard of creativity, interactivity, humor and longevity. We spark the children's curiosity and imagination by presenting characters and stories that they can relate to.

A good interactive product for children allows involvement and participation. The child must feel that what they do when they come in contact with the product leads to a meaningful and unique outcome - each time. The software must be responsive.

Kids are a demanding and unpredictable target group - they sometimes behave in ways that us grown-ups can't foresee. By evaluating our ideas with the help of children we at Little Frogs become aware of what works in a certain production.

  "We see the world from the perspective of the little guy - call it a children's perspective... or a frog's perspective if you wish."
Jens Peter de Pedro, Little Frogs